About Valley Garden Club

The mission of Valley Garden Club of Bay County, MI is to stimulate the love of gardening, encourage home and community beautification, promote better horticulral practices, and encourage conservation.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for our members to serve our community through education & beautification projects in the area. These include:

Community Gardening

VGC maintains several "pocket parks" in and around our community. Check out our Projects below!

Horticulture Knowledge

We organize seminars and garden walks to help our members increase their knowledge of horticulture.

Peer to Peer Sharing

VGC members help each other solve gardening challenges in our own green spaces.

Social Environment

We strive to maintain a welcome environment where members work and play together!

Our Projects

VGC's Community Gardens

Valley Garden Club maintains several pocket parks in our community, including two at Kantzler Arboretum in Bay City, and a butterfly garden at Bay City State Park.

Children's Memorial Garden

The Children's Memorial Garden at Kantzler Arboretum is a place where children who have lost a love one can come and find peace and comfort in a beautiful setting. The project is funded by Heartland Hospice Memorial Fund, and maintained by VGC.

Feature: Silhouette by Zach Deary

Pocket Park

This plot at Kantzler Arboretum was adopted by VGC after falling into neglect. Garden art including a butterfly and a shovel flower are featured, accented with a variety of plantings. Members rotate on a schedule through the summer months to maintain and water the garden.

Feature: Drought-Tolerant

Butterfly Garden

Located at Bay City State Park, this pocket garden features planting designed to attract butterflies, making it a peaceful addition to the park!

Feature: Butterfly Friendly

Membership Benefits

Why join us? Membership in Valley Garden Club brings a host of benefits, including:

Connect with Fellow Gardeners

Whether you are a Master Gardener, or just a gardening hobbyist, you will find kindred spirits in VGC! All skill levels are welcome, and we encourage couples to join together!

Monthly Club Events

VGC meets monthly (7 times/yr) on the first Tuesday of the month, to update and plan Club activities, learn about horticulture topics, and socialize!

Beautify our Community

VGC members work together to maintain public gardens in our community. You can participate to as great an extent as you are able -- we do not have volunteer hour quotas or minimiums!

Reciprocal Memberships

As an affiliate of Michigan Garden Clubs, our members have access to educational resources, accreditation programs, and a quarterly newsletter. Still, our dues are low ($20/yr individual, $25/yr couple) and the majority stays local to our community!